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Frederick’s automated salon marketing software helps you keep your salon busy and profitable. Fill last-minute openings, generate 5-star reviews and bring back lost clients with the world’s smartest marketing software for salons.

Growing a small business

Keep Your Chairs Filled

Frederick syncs with your schedule and automatically sends highly targeted email and text marketing campaigns to keep your schedule full.

  • Fill Last Minute Openings - Promote last minute availability automatically.

  • Fill Slow Days - Prompt customers to book on slow days to keep your staff busy.

  • Create Custom Specials - Motivate customers to book with personalized specials ready to send in under 60 seconds.

Growing a small business

Keep Customers Coming Back

Frederick makes it easy to bring existing customers back to your salon.

  • Remind Clients to Book Again - Send perfectly-timed reminders to rebook based on your clients’ needs.

  • Rescue Lost Customers - Identify customers who haven’t re-booked and send out targeted promotions, automatically.

  • Promote Packages and Memberships - Lock-in revenue by selling services by the set.

Growing a small business

Drive Word of Mouth

Frederick helps you spread the word to keep the pipeline of new customers coming.

  • Get More Referrals - Encourage clients to refer their family and friends by easily offering rewards for referrals.

  • Improve Your Reviews - Polish your online reputation by automatically prompting your best customers to give a review on your website, Yelp, Google and other social review sites.

  • Capture Feedback to Improve Your Business - Capture actionable client feedback to ensure you maintain a high quality of service. Set it up once and put your customer feedback on autopilot!

Growing a small business

Keep Clients Informed

Frederick makes it easy to keep clients in the loop about what’s happening at your salon.

  • Design Beautiful Email Newsletters - Effortlessly design and send emails to your clients with Frederick’s email campaign builder. Why pay for a separate email marketing service when you could have it all with Frederick?

  • Send Holiday Campaigns - Reach clients during the holidays and special occasions with holiday-themed campaigns.

  • Share Announcements - Opening a new location? Welcoming a new staff member? Hosting a special event? No matter the occasion, Frederick makes it easy to share announcements with your clients.

Growing a small business

Custom Automations
and Drip Campaigns

  • Target the right customers - Smart lists allow you to create custom campaigns based on any data Frederick knows about your contacts, and it’ll auto update with matching contacts based on criteria you set.

  • Control how your campaigns look and what they say - With a completely integrated email editor and access to a growing library customizable templates, you can create campaigns that align more with your branding.

  • Set and Forget - Build Drip Campaigns to encourage loyalty with custom rewards, send personalized birthday wishes or upsell new customers with package or membership offerings at the perfect time.

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