Keep Customers Coming Back

It's never been easier
to get clients in the door

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Keep customers coming back
Keep customers coming back
Keep customers coming back

Remind Clients to
Book Again

The best way to grow your business is to leverage your most important asset - your existing customers.

Frederick securely analyzes your clients booking patterns to predict the perfect time to remind each client to book their next appointment, increasing repeat business at the touch of a button.

Keep customers coming back

Rescue Lost Customers

Frederick automatically identifies customers that are unlikely to book again, then sends a highly targeted offer designed to win them back.

Frederick only attempts to rescue clients who haven't visited in a very long time. Our Smart Marketing campaigns turn lost customers into active, loyal customers!

Keep customers coming back

Promote Packages and Memberships

Frederick encourages your customers to purchase packages and memberships through a series of personalized drip campaigns tailored to their needs.

Keep customers coming back

Decrease No-Shows

Reduce time spent sending reminders or calling customers. Frederick provides the automated solution you need to efficiently deliver text and email reminders without overburdening your staff or breaking the bank.