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Fill open appointments
Fill open appointments
Fill open appointments

Fill Last Minute Openings

Eliminate last minute openings and combat your slow days with targeted email and text campaigns. You control what services are promoted and whether to offer specials to entice customers to book.

Fill open appointments

Fill Slow Days

Frederick's artificial intelligence predicts which days you are likely to be slow in upcoming weeks and then drives more visits to those days automatically. You get to customize how Frederick determines if a day is slow or not, as well as what discounts may be offered to drive more business.

Fill open appointments

Send Limited Time

Create a sense of urgency with custom promotions and specials that must be redeemed within a short period of time. Frederick makes sure your customers don't get emailed too frequently and automatically targets customers who are likely to be interested based on past behavior.

Fill open appointments


Launch quick promotions using Frederick's Boost feature, the fastest way to fight lulls in your schedule. Just choose what to promote, what days need a boost, and send it via email and text message!

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