Our Story

In 2014, we set out on a mission to help local businesses solve their greatest challenge: generating more business from new and existing customers. That mission led us to create the world’s first marketing automation platform for local businesses that’s powered by artificial intelligence. We call him Frederick, and he’s the smartest marketing engine local businesses have ever seen.

In 2015, Frederick was acquired by Booker, the leading platform for service commerce. In 2018, Booker (and Frederick) was acquired by MINDBODY, the leading technology platform for the wellness services industry. Together, MINDBODY, Booker and Frederick are working together to help fulfill our promise of making it easy for local business owners to grow their businesses.

Today, Frederick helps thousands of businesses, from salons and spas
to yoga studios and auto repair shops, unlock the power of data to grow
like never before.

Our Founders

Corey Kossack
Corey Kossack
Co-Founder & CEO

Corey is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. Prior to Frederick, Corey was Director of Dell for Entrepreneurs, where he led Dell’s efforts to discover startups building the next generation of data-driven business applications. At Frederick, Corey leads the charge to bring Frederick to thousands of small businesses worldwide.

Aaron Severs
Aaron Severs
Co-Founder & CTO

Aaron is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for building great products and growing high-performing engineering teams. Prior to Frederick, Aaron led product and engineering teams at Pivotal Labs and Constant Contact. At Frederick, Aaron leads all product and engineering efforts.