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Frederick helps local service businesses increase revenue with fully automated, data-driven marketing.

Connect your existing appointment book and watch as Frederick automatically brings you more business.

How it works

Frederick automatically identifies near term openings in your schedule and fills them with highly targeted email and text marketing campaigns.

Fully automated, with you in control

Frederick syncs with your schedule to know when you need a boost, and promotes openings based on your preferences.

Smart Targeting

Frederick identifies what channels to market to, including who within your existing base is likely to book.

Intelligent Discounts

Frederick ensures you get the most revenue by automatically adjusting the discounts you offer based on real results.

Sit back and relax

We do all the work. You keep all the revenue!

Frederick is helping our salon thrive and grow.
D'Arcy Harrison, Emerson Salon

Made just for local services

If you do business by appointment or teach classes, we can help you grow

The next generation of small business marketing is here.
Ingrid Vanderveldt, Leading small business advocate

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